The band was established on January 1995. After some years of “live” tours with covers inspired by anglo-saxon music and strictly in english, the SHW began to write its own songs. On May 2004 the band self-produced the first demo, “Psychotheque EP”, which contains five songs plus a videoclip of the unpublished Momentary Visions. Thanks to this demo they participated in several national competitions and festivals (Video in Cantiere, Rockafé, Relazioni Sonore, Fly-zone, Vakerock, Emergenza Festival, Umbria Rock, Rock Targato Italia, Arezzo Wave, Red Rock Festival, Orquestra, etc...).
On January 9, 2006, “Psychotheque” came out in many music stores as a début album published by the New LM Record (Ravenna) and distributed by Masterpiece. On February 2006 the band made the videoclip of “Broken”: the first single of Psychotheque.

At the same time the record was promoted on several webzines:,, Music, Live,, Territorio,,,,,,, Altatensione, Losing,, etc. It was also publicized in some specialized magazines (Il Mucchio Selvaggio, Blow Up, Rumore, Ritual, Freequency, Rock Star, Losing Today, etc.) and it was played on various web-radio and FM (,,,,,,,,,,,, etc.) during the period between December 2005 and April 2006.

On April 2006 SHW made the second videoclip of the album, with the song “Epochal Babel”. On May 2006 the band started a collaboration with the Alkemist Fanatix Europe which is responsible for the management of the SHW (promotion through radio - internet - TV - press - licence for distributing the album abroad, public relations, and so on). May, June and July 2006: summer tour which drove the band to many festivals and competitions throughout Italy. On June 8, 2008: after one year and a half spent in their rehearsal room for the writing, arrangement and production, SHW unleash the brand new single “TC” in Cooperation with Incipit Recordings (Label) and Alkemist Fanatix Europe (Management).
On October 2008: “e-life” came out in music stores for Incipit Recordings (Label) / Alkemist Fanatix Europe (Management) (Andromeda, Plastic Head and Code7 Distribution). At the same time the record was promoted on several webzines, some specialized magazines and it was played on various web-radio and FM during the period between September and December. December 2008: the Italian webzine “” transmits in preview the videoclip of the first single “TC”.
July 16 - 24, 2009: the band leaves for “e-life UK Tour 2009”, the first tour of the band in United Kingdom (6 concerts).