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Incipit Recordings - Incipit is based on an innovative attitude founded on a new relationship between artist and production. There is no hierarchy anymore. Everyone is equally involved in the plan, realized with the highest careand attention from a professional staff . Incipit wants to be the beginning of an history. An history made of determination, seriousness, with the only aim to write new chapters.
Plastic Head Distribution - Currently ranked the UK's 10th largest distributor, Plastic Head has come a long way in its 15 year existence. Started from Director Steve Beatty's bedroom at his parent's house, the company currently employs 40 people, exclusively handles sales and distribution in the UK for 170 record and DVD labels (over 30.000 titles), a range of over 3.000 titles of merchandise and 4.000 titles of specialist vinyl from limited edition 7 inch box sets, picture discs to electronic 12's...
Code7 Music Distribution - Code 7 Music is an independent national music and Dvd distributor in association with our partner Plastic Head Distribution. Code 7 plugs directly into the infra structure of PHD with full access to its worldwide distribution network, domestic sales operations as well as offering access to Digital Distribution.
Andromeda Distribution - Andromeda Distribution is a young company formed to distribute international independent record labels throughout the italian territory. The company is formed of a strong team with years of experience in distribution and, in particular, in the genres of Rock and Metal.
Dirac Studio - Established by a group of professionals in the field of audio and video tecnologies, the studio offers an independent work group highly competent in Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production...
Alkemist Fanatix Europe - Alkemist Fanatix is a press relations agency who specializes in multi-platform promotional campaigns... We work with european press (operating with partners in every country), radio (national, regional and specialist) and TV.